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Breakout Hunter

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Best Forex Trend Robot (EurUsd)

  • Trades on its own – 100%, no human supervision needed – ever!
  • Trades on EurUsd using a proven Breakout Strategy
  • Sets protective stop loss levels automatically.
  • Complete with Money Management, News filters and the new VIX volatility filters, to put your Forex trading account on automatic cruise-control
  • Plug and Trade: Just download and you are ready to go! Easy, newbie-proof, 5 minutes, completely automated, really simple installation!

New Version 2015with Optional Double and Triple Boost-Mode

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The Breakout Trend Strategy:

In the Forex Market the trend is really your friend. Following news or economic reports, currencies fluctuate in glorious trends that can last hours. Although the reaction to major reports is sudden and often too violent to trade, the hours following them can provide very profitable opportunities.

The robot scans the market for volatility levels that improve the odds of a true breakout and enters along the trend when new highs (or lows) confirm these tendencies.


“Watching this thing trade is very impressive”
-Dennis D., Canada


Money Management: The size of your trades is calculated as a percentage of the balance in your trading account. As your account grows, so do the size of your trades, automatically.

Optional “Boost-Mode” for traders who prefer the fast lane: Choose between our default very-low-risk settings or set the Money Manager to Boost-Mode to safely and automatically increase trade lot sizes and maximize your profits.

Take Profit orders are calculated dynamically and sent to the broker in Real Time, to maximize potential profit in different market conditions.

Stop Loss orders are automatically placed to protect every trade. They are sent to your broker together with the opening order.

Trailing stops are triggered automatically at the end of the scalping session. They are meant to avoid unnecessary exposure to the volatile London session.


Volatility Filters: The robot knows when “not” to trade, to avoid excessive volatility and unpredictable market conditions. We use 3 “volatility filters” to spot unusual market behavior.

   1) VIX filter: This Volatility filter is constantly connected to Stocks and Commodities markets worldwide. If inter-market volatility is excessive, the robot automatically modifies our trading strategy. This information allows our robots to make more intelligent, up-to-the-minute decisions..

   2) News Filter: This amazing feature allows us to trade without concern for scheduled economic reports releases. It is connected to the Forex Factory calendar. The robot will stop trading  before and after events expected to have market impact, automatically, for true set and forget trading. In the case of the Breakout Hunter, trading is resumed a few minutes after the release, since news reports provide excellent trading opportunities for the trending strategy, provided one avoids entering during news spikes.

   3) ADX/MA filter: The ADX determines the maximum volatility level allowed for normal trading. If the ADX volatility level is exceeded, trading will only be allowed in the direction of the trend, as determined by the MA filter.

This combination of filters allows completely “hands-free” trading in all market conditions.


“This is my most profitable robot. You did a great job!!! I can’t live without it, : )”
-Rhaufed S., Brazil

Trading schedule: The Breakout Hunter’s trades 24 hours a day, with exception of the early London market hours and some interruptions during the New York session, to avoid European and US news reports times. We also avoid starting trades during the quiet scalping session where trends are not well defined. The trading schedule is between 9:00 to 18:30 GMT and 1:00 to 3:00 GMT. (In winter one hour is added automatically to compensate for Daylight Savings Time changes) During these times the robot will find trading opportunities with high probability of success.

The Breakout Hunter averages 7 to 10 trades per week.

Friday early-closing settings: Towards the end of the Friday session the robot stops entering new trades, trying to minimize our exposure to positions that would remain open over the weekend.

NTP time: Even in the event of clock malfunction in your computer or VPS, our robots will still trade at the correct times. The robots are connected to National Time Protocol services worldwide. This keeps all trading schedules running correctly even after a blackout, when computers and VPS may restart with incorrect time settings.

“Congratulations on the achievement, your robot is working very well.”

Zoltan K., Hungary

Performance Results:

The 3-years Performance Test Results show outstanding performance under all market conditions.

“I’ll use the profits to fly to the States and shake your hands…!

Dave, Singapore


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