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VPS trading without a PC


Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

There are two ways to trade our robots:

1) You can trade from your PC. That is what most traders do.

2) You can trade without using any computer at all, by using a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

VPS are personal computer spaces that we can rent for a small monthly fee. They exist inside a computer server run by a large company. These servers are very secure and do not get affected by power outages or internet disconnections. They are maintained by professionals. When you rent a VPS you do not have to keep your computer turned on 24 hours to trade. You get your own password so you can log in to your own private VPS from any device, even those without Windows, for example a Mac, any laptop and even some mobile devices.

VPS are simple to use. We can even install the robots in them for you!

And from anywhere you can log in and find out how your trading is going, maybe once a day or even once a week! The robots are in charge of everything, and your vps is a very reliable computer server where you can trade with confidence.

There are many excellent VPS providers. We recommend the following VPS company, which we have checked for excellent latency with all major Forex brokers: Commercial Network Services


“It is refreshing dealing with you guys. You are very helpful and professional and know what you are doing”

Mike T., USA

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