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Smart FX Volatility Filters


New Filters for Advanced Automation:

The VIX filter and the News Filter are the result of many years of manual and automated trading experience. We have been tracking inter-market behavior for a very long time. “When the Dow is rallying strongly, the Asian scalping session is in danger”- is the kind of acquired knowledge we are applying here, based on years of correlating markets volatility to our automated strategies.

The robot knows when “not” to trade, to avoid excessive volatility and unpredictable market conditions.

The following “volatility filters” were developed by Smart FX Technology, for a new degree of control over market conditions:

1) VIX filter: This Volatility filter is constantly connected to Stocks and Commodities markets worldwide. When the volatility seen in those markets is excessive, the robot automatically modifies our trading strategy for the session. This is an improvement that manages to bring the “fundamentals” part of the markets into the picture. When coupled with the “technical” side of our trading strategies, we have a more balanced approach to automated trading. Up-to-the-minute information of price action and volatility of the influential markets allow our robots to make more informed, more intelligent trading decisions.
VIX Filter will stop trading during high levels of volatility.
2) News Filter: This amazing new feature allows us to trade without concern for scheduled economic news. It is connected to the calendar of the Forex Factory which provides excellent coverage of important economic reports and speeches that are expected to have an impact on the market.
News filter will automatically turn off trading when high levels of news are reported.
The robot will block new orders from opening, before and after the report times. The length of this “no-trade” time will depend on the importance of the report and the expected volatility following the announcement. After a safe period of time the robot will resume trading automatically. Smart FX Technology is proud to offer the only News filter in the market, that is fully integrated into the robots behavior and does not require manual supervision of any kind. Both filters are completely automated.

This combination of filters allows completely “hands-free” trading in all market conditions, for true “set and forget” trading.

“Blown away by the volatility filters – I have other Expert Advisors and they all had losses today – your robot did not trade – that’s what I call good trading sense! Congratulations – you guys rock!”

Phil W., Utah

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