Money Back Guarantee

Five Minute Easy Installation

Completely automated installation:


Easy, newbie-proof, really simple installation.
Just drag the robot to the charts and turn it on. Done!


    1. 1) Launch your Metatrader platform.
    2. 2) Open a “one minute (M1)” chart for each currency pair that the robot trades.
    3. 3) In the Expert Advisors tab you will find one robot for each currency pair, clearly showing the names. Drag each Expert Advisor into the chart of its currency pair.


The properties window will appear.
Choose the Common Tab and check:



“Allow live trading” turned ON, to start the robots trading.
“Allow DLL imports” turned ON.
“Confirm DLL function calls” turned OFF.
That’s it! You are ready to trade.


“I have this set up and running and it’s working great. Really smooth, I must compliment you on plug and trade, it truly was.”

Cheryl R., Oregon

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