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Automated Money Management


Automatic Money Management – Set it and Forget it

Both our trading robots, the Master Scalper and the Breakout Hunter robots are equipped with a sophisticated Money Management function that determines your orders sizes automatically. It uses a very smart algorithm that takes into consideration the frequency of orders and the size of potential wins and losses, to determine the optimum risk ratio as a percentage of your account balance.

Very smart money management indeed, all automatically.

In other words, when your account grows over time, the position sizes will also grow, automatically. When you make a withdrawal, the position sizes will be reduced automatically so that your risk level remains the same relative to the current balance of your account.


Completely Automated Robot Trading

To trade using our Expert Advisors has never been easier.
Everything is automated. Just set it and forget it.

    • - No babysitting or supervising at all.


    • - The robot is completely in charge of all trading functions.


    • - The strategy knows its trading schedule and will only trade at the appropriate times.


    • - The Money Manager will control the lot sizes based on your account size.


    • - The Volatility Filters will watch out for unusual market price action that should be avoided.


    • - The new VIX Filter is constantly scanning the volatility in Stock and Commodities markets worldwide, and will stop trading if the odds are against us.


    • - The News Filter will bypass scheduled economic reports for the correct amount of time, so we do not get caught in abnormal market behavior or news spikes. This amazing function will stop entering new orders before and after the event. The News Filter is automatically connected to the news calendar of the Forex Factory website. It keeps track of all upcoming reports. The amount of time the robot will choose not-to-trade is given by the importance of the news release. And all completely automated!


    • - When trades are opened, the EA sets Take Profit targets and protective Stop Losses to maximize its long term profits.


    • - Everything completely automated. You do not have to supervise the trading, at all.


    • - Just set it and forget it.


“I really like the Combo Pack, it grew my account !!! One month and I see the result, I just love it! Great after sales services, great EA.

I would recommend you to all my forex friends :) good job”

Wong K., Malaysia

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