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All Forex Brokers work with our robots.

Brokers worldwide have the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform available for instant download.

Any Forex broker works with our robots

If you do not have a Forex account, we recommend these brokers

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Step 1 – Download and Install MT4 + Expand Instructions

Our trading robots use the Meta Trader 4, the most popular trading platform in the world.
Forex Brokers have the MT4 platform available for instant download, free-of-charge.
Just sign up with them, start a Demo or Live account, and download the platform.
Once you have it downloaded, just follow the easy installation instructions and then run Meta Trader 4.

Go to File > Login and enter your login information from your broker.

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Step 2 – Download and Install Robots + Expand Instructions

We recommend the Combo Pack for the best results

Once you have downloaded your robots, please run the setup file and enter your serial number and password provided in the email sent to you

Note: On the next step. you must choose the broker folder, not your expert folder. It will probably look similar to C:\program files (x86)\”your broker name here”

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Step 3 – Attach Robots to Chart + Expand Instructions

Open a chart for each currency pair:
Right-click on the pair, and select “chart window” to open the chart. In the example we are opening EurUsd for the Breakout Hunter.
Once the chart opens, click on M1 on the menu bar to set the chart to the one-minute timeframe that our robots MUST use.

Load the robot to the chart:
You will see the robots listed in the Navigator tab.
Each robot has the name of a currency pair, and only works on that currency pair.Right-click on the robot that corresponds with your chart and select attach to chart.


A window will pop up with settings. Make sure your box looks exactly like the diagram below.

After you click ok, it may take a few seconds for the chart to update. You will know everything is working properly if you see the pip counter in the top left, the smiley face in the top right and the news data in yellow.

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